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30 Utah cities
30 days of events
30 guaranteed entrances

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Each year the St George Marathon evaluates the cap set on our event to allow a greater number of participants. But still each year, after our lottery, we are forced, due to accommodation, to turn away thousands of applicants from our very own state as well as from across the globe. Our staff is always trying to come up with new programs or incentives to give those applicants extra chances to run in our event.

To celebrate our 30th year of running, in 2006, we developed STG on the Run (formally known as 30/30) and we gave away 30 guaranteed entrances into the St George Marathon. These entrances were given to 30 races being held within the state of Utah during the months prior to our event.

The purpose of STG on the Run is to develop a partnership, if you will, with 30 separate races in Utah each year. The hope is to attract media attention to these other events, boost their participation, expand the success of the St. George Marathon through out the state, and allow St George Marathon applicants one more shot to avoid the lottery system.

How it works:
The St George Marathon opens this program to the first 30 races that apply and meet the program qualifications (listed above). Then each race director is given one guaranteed spot into the marathon (runner still pays registration fee). It is up to the race director how this spot is awarded. Many give them to the first place winner, best effort, some hold a drawing of sorts, and others come up with creative ways to enhance their event. Each race director is asked to publicize there event announcing the St George Marathon entrance giveaway. After their event they are asked to submit the name of the winner, a brief bio and race history, and a picture to local papers as well as to the marathon for future promotion. Each winner receives a certificate from the marathon to serve as their registration guaranteed entrance.

Program qualifications:
The event must be a 5k, 10k, or half marathon.
The deadline to apply is March 30th.
The event must take place on or before August 1st
All registration forms and entry fees must be received by the St George Marathon by August 1st (NO exceptions)

Program success:
In its tenth year, STG on the Run, has already included 170 different races, nearly 90 race directors and 300 entry winners. It has partnered with 40 different cities in Utah, increased their community involvement, and has improved the participation and quality of the participating events. We cant wait for 2016!!

To have your race be included in STG on the Run in 2016 please mail or fax application by January 31st to:

Kami Ellsworth Race Operations Manager 220 North 200 East St. George Ut 84770 435-627-4500 Fax 435-627-4509
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