Job Title:

Massage Tent


Job Description: MASSAGE THERAPIST; Qualified volunteers with training in the fundamentals of massage therapy will be asked to provide a 10 to 12 minute post race sports massage to athletes of the event. Training and a basic protocol will be demonstrated for those wanting a refresher or unfamiliar with sports massage. Performance expectations are an average of 4 athletes per hour for the amount of time the volunteer is available. SUPPORT STAFF; If a volunteer does not have a background in massage therapy they will be asked to assist in a supporting roll that may include but not be limited to: athlete check-in and reception, delivery of food and beverage to an athlete while in our care, prepare and provide ice packs at the request of the athlete or massage therapist, assist in security and traffic flow within the massage tent, support and assist massage therapists as needed, It is recommended that all volunteers report to and be set up for service within the Finish-Line Massage Tent between 8:30 & 10 am. The cut off for service is scheduled for 2 pm so volunteers should plan to work up to 2:30 pm if their schedule allows for it.