Charity Application
Charity Application
Click here to Download the 2014 Marathon Charity Application Form

Due to the high volume of Charity Applicants and the limited amount of "Official Marathon Charity" entries The St George Marathon staff has developed a more flexible charitable program to meet the unique needs of each charity chosen by the Event as an Official Marathon Charity. Since 2010 we have been offering a 2-tiered Charity structure to accommodate more charity applicants.

Tier One - Charity Benefit Level:

This level will include 5-6 local Charities that will be selected by the marathon staff from the applications received by the deadline of December 1st. Chosen Charities will receive a designated amount of St. George Marathon GUARANTEED entries for the current year (the runner is required to pay the marathon registration fee of $90 in addition to the donated charitable amount). The St George Marathon will allocate 1% of the entry cap to be distributed to the chosen charities. Charities will then be responsible for the following:

- Charity application completed and delivered by January 10th (NO exceptions)

- Brief BIO of your charity along with your Charity Logo and contact information to be posted online

- Marketing of the Marathon Entries given to your charity

- Distribution of Marathon Entries to those who have donated to your charity

- Collection and delivery of registration forms and marathon entry fees to the Marathon by the assigned deadline of August 1st.

- Written accountability evaluation after the event concludes by November 1st

The chosen Charities will remain "Official Marathon Charities" for 3 years or as long as the Marathon wishes to continue the partnership and as long as the Charity meets the above requirements. Failure to meet the above requirements will result in automatic elimination of your Official Charity status. The Marathon reserves the right to terminate any Charity partnership at any given time for any reason.

Tier Two Charity Connection Level:

Charities not selected for The Benefit Level have the opportunity to choose, if selected, to be a part of the Charity Connection Level. It is not possible for the St. George Marathon to accommodate all charities that apply for our program. These chosen Charities will be listed on the website so that those that are entered into the marathon can make a decision as to which one of the charities they wish to support. In other words, your charity will not be awarded entries into the race but instead the charities can appeal to the mass of the participants in order to gain donations and new supporters. The charities get a chance to explain who they are and what their cause is about in a brief description that will be posted in a special section provided on the website. One e-mail blast will be sent to all registered runners with a link to all posted Charities and encouraging them to get involved and run for a cause.

We have created an application process that, starting in 2010, each NEW charity will be required to submit at the beginning of the new Marathon year by the application deadline.

Each application submitted by the deadline of January 10th will be reviewed thoroughly and chosen according to the following:

- Brief description of your Charity

- Estimated number of people impacted by your Charity each year

- Brief explanation of how money earned through the Marathon Program will be distributed.

All Charities chosen for the Charity Connection Level will be responsible for the following

- Brief BIO of your charity to be posted online along with your charity Logo and Contact information by January 31st

- Written accountability evaluation after the event concludes by November 1st

Click here to Download the Marathon Charity Application Form